Trusting The Process

Episode 36

Have you simply just never trusted the process? Well, then, listen in to this week’s episode of Loan Officer Success, as your hosts Mike Cardascia and Erica Homefield talk to Major Singleton, a Broker Owner who recently retired after 23 years serving in the military and has gone from 0 to 22 loans per month in one year. 

Major explains ways that he has utilized the tools and strategies learned from the coaching program here at Mortgage Marketing Animals to effectively position himself as an expert. 

The way he has trusted the processes in his mortgage business has guided him in building his team that consists of like-minded people all striving for the same goal – to grow the business while helping families achieve theirs along the way. 

Tune in to hear why Mike finishes out with three very short and inspiring words for veteran loan officers as well as newer Los … “be like Major.”  

Learn why Mortgage Marketing Animals coaching program will help you in the same way. 

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