The Right Mindset for The Right Outcome

The Right Mindset for The Right Outcome

Episode 11

Have you changed your mindset to think of the positive aspects of what you are doing each day? Mike Cardascia and Erica Homefield are joined by special guest, Vance Blew, “the” mortgage guy based out of Atlanta. Vance is a shining star in our Mortgage Marketing Animals coaching program who sets himself apart by always showing up to the meetings with a positive outlook and, even better, a spot-on bowtie.

In this episode of Loan Officer Success, Vance fills you in on what he does to start his mornings right by surrounding himself with likeminded people who help him develop a positive mindset for a more productive day. The steps he has taken and the approach to each task are ones that you don’t want to miss hearing about! Turn it up…

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