Pushing Through Reluctance Pays Off – Part I

Episode 28

On this episode of Loan Officer Success, the newest and most informative podcast for loan officers out there, Mike Cardascia and Erica Homefield are joined by Kayla Iles, a newer loan officer who shares her start through the ups and downs.

Kayla took a new direction in her career path and decided to join her father in the mortgage business. Having a mortgage coach here at Mortgage Marketing Animals for her beginning stages of growth has made a huge different in moving the needle in her business by holding her accountable in her actions. 

The steps she has taken by making calls, dipping into video marketing, networking with realtor organizations, and utilizing social media to become a part local celebrity are all significant actions in growing production as a loan officer. Tune in to hear how she did it. 

Keep an eye out for the update podcast a few months from now to see just how awesome Kayla is doing!

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