Look At Your Business Like This

Episode 38

Tune into Loan Officer Success, the most popular podcast out there for loan officers who are looking for the path to freedom in their business. 

This week, Mike Cardascia and Erica Homefield are joined by special guest, host of the ‘Get It Done’ podcast, the one and only Jimi Ryan. Jimi’s insight into really thinking about what you are doing each day and making a difference will turn your business around. 

You’ll learn various ways to slice out each of the strategies talked about and how you can focus on what you do well, so that your purpose can be put to the best use for success. 

As Jimi stresses in this podcast, it is not only about reaching the destination, but about truly being there for each step of the journey as well.  

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Jumping from 4 to 26 Loans Per Month in Less Than 2 Years

Episode 37

Listen in to Loan Officer Success, with your hosts Mike Cardascia and Erica Homefield, as they’re joined by special guest, Kyla Whitmore. 

In this episode, you’ll be taken on the journey of how Kyla went from 4 loans per month to this January, closing an incredible 26 loans, yes, that is twenty-six. 

The humble way she shines light on her team and how they have been the forefront of making sure the processes are in place in a way that is solid and reliable, is purely inspiring. Kyla explains why she feels that in this market, especially, communication and truthfully updating all key players in the transaction is an important step in acquiring trust in the processes.

The three continue and chat about how she has overcome the hurdle of wanting to be out there on videos within social media, and how it has so greatly impacted her “celebrity status” as Carl White calls it and the way people relate to her through video marketing.   

Tune in to hear more of her story and be inspired by her dedication to her business and her team. 

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Trusting The Process

Episode 36

Have you simply just never trusted the process? Well, then, listen in to this week’s episode of Loan Officer Success, as your hosts Mike Cardascia and Erica Homefield talk to Major Singleton, a Broker Owner who recently retired after 23 years serving in the military and has gone from 0 to 22 loans per month in one year. 

Major explains ways that he has utilized the tools and strategies learned from the coaching program here at Mortgage Marketing Animals to effectively position himself as an expert. 

The way he has trusted the processes in his mortgage business has guided him in building his team that consists of like-minded people all striving for the same goal – to grow the business while helping families achieve theirs along the way. 

Tune in to hear why Mike finishes out with three very short and inspiring words for veteran loan officers as well as newer Los … “be like Major.”  

Learn why Mortgage Marketing Animals coaching program will help you in the same way. 

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Enable Progress Over Perfection

Episode 35

Join your hosts, Mike Cardasica and Erica Homefield, on Loan Officer Success as they bring you episode 35 on learning how to enable progress over perfection for your mortgage business.

Mike and Erica chat about how to stomp over excuses and learn how just do it. Taking any action is better than taking no action at all. 

Learn why connecting with people by having conversations is the main foundation of creating a habit for these loan officer strategies. 

If you haven’t implemented these actions we’ve been talking about, what is holding you back? Get rid of self-limiting beliefs and get motivated today by tuning in here…

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Overcoming The Challenges of Your Own Mindset

Episode 34

On this episode of Loan Officer Success, your hosts Mike Cardascia and Erica Homefield, walk you through the various reasons why many loan officers deal with what is referred to as “call reluctance.”

When we think too much into things and let our mindset drive our actions, we can let the fear of rejection throw a stick in our moving wheels. It’s more of what’s called imposter syndrome. In example, you’re hesitant to make those calls because in your mind, you’ve indirectly told yourself that you don’t provide enough value.

Although there are circumstantial and situational reasons for this hesitation, Mike and Erica share inspirational words and real day to day actions that you can use to overcome and push through the barriers.

Tune in to Loan Officer Success and move forward in building relationships through calls to your database. Just watch those purchases and refinances come in!

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The Loan Officer Approach to Social Media

Episode 33

On this episode of Loan Officer Success, your hosts Mike Cardascia and Erica Homefield, are joined by Mortgage Marketing Animals Social Media Specialist, Chelsea Gardner. 

Mike and Erica share with Chelsea the questions that most commonly come up when speaking to numerous loan officers on a daily basis. The social media tips and tricks that Chelsea shares with them are actionable items that you can start doing today. Have you ever wondered if you should be using a personal page or a business page and why – then you need to listen in as these questions are all answered in this episode. 

Learn the plan that is laid out for you here, the way to implement it, and how to be focused in your approach with these simple actions.

Don’t miss this episode to hear three of Mortgage Marketing Animal’s top strategists work together to smooth out all the kinks you have with social media.

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Follow These Scripts & Strategies On Your Road To Freedom

Episode 32

Ready to understand just what it takes to build your network? Well, then listen in to this episode of Loan Officer Success, as your hosts Mike Cardascia and Erica Homefield, take you alongside the journey of branch manager, Rob DiGiore, for a whole lot of golden nuggets.

Mike shares about the first time he met Rob a few years back at an event and watched him as he perfectly went around the room networking for success. He found out that day that Rob was a part of the Mortgage Marketing Animals and it all made sense to Mike from the actions that Rob was putting into motion. 

By following the scripts, strategies, and daily success plan that the coaching program has taught, Rob has been able to provide a great deal of value to his team by sharing with them the necessary tools and actions that they, too, continue to use. 

Listen in to learn how consistency, building relationships, and placing yourself in networking areas that will build your database can be the most valuable steppingstones for steady growth in your mortgage business. 

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Providing Valuable Help with No Expectation

Episode 31

On this episode of Loan Officer Success, the most informative podcast for loan officers who are looking for the best daily strategies to increase business, Mike Cardascia and Erica Homefield are joined by a successful member of the Freedom Club, James Driscoll. 

They’ll talk about how James found the road to freedom by putting actions into motion. From building a solid team, to always focusing on the wage earners, you’ll hear his valuable tips he uses in his mortgage business. 

A very important point that is stressed in this episode is how very crucial it is to provide value without expectation. When you truly care to help others, others in return, will truly care to help you.

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Why You Should “Milk the Cows You Already Have”

Episode 30

On this episode of Loan Officer Success, hosted by top mortgage marketing strategists, Mike Cardascia and Erica Homefield, Kevin Newton joins them to let you in on the ideal path he took to get to where he is today. 

Kevin has been part of the Mortgage Marketing Animals family for over two years and has had tremendous success implementing the proven actions that his coaches have shown him. 

Tune in to hear how listening in to Carl White and other industry leaders, he knew he needed to stop thinking like a loan officer and start thinking like a business owner. 

Using his substantial database to his advantage, he continued to make his calls and didn’t get discouraged when he was told no. It became routine for Kevin and as he made more calls, he became better at them, producing more results with consistency.  

In the words of Carl White, “Mike the Cows You Already Have.”

Making these calls is more than just picking up the phone to get referrals. You’re building real and meaningful relationships with people because you care, and that ultimately builds your business. 

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How-To Align Tasks for a Smoother Process

Episode 29

Have you been doing every activity yourself and things are slipping through the cracks? Afraid to pull in more business because you can’t handle the transactions on your plate now?

On this episode of Loan Officer Success, Mike Cardascia and Erica Homefield, are joined by Aileen Garcia, a successful loan originator out of Miami, Florida. 

Aileen reveals how following the plans that were mapped out for her from the Mortgage Marketing Animals coaching program, has literally given her a new outlook and outcome in her mortgage business. That’s where she learned how, when, and where to hire a Virtual Assistant to do those things (better than she could) that have turned into money making machines.

Things that seem out of reach are very much within reach. You’re just not doing them the simple way. That’s where we come in. Our top strategists want to spend time mapping this out for you. Schedule your complimentary coaching call today.