Overcoming The Challenges of Your Own Mindset

Episode 34

On this episode of Loan Officer Success, your hosts Mike Cardascia and Erica Homefield, walk you through the various reasons why many loan officers deal with what is referred to as “call reluctance.”

When we think too much into things and let our mindset drive our actions, we can let the fear of rejection throw a stick in our moving wheels. It’s more of what’s called imposter syndrome. In example, you’re hesitant to make those calls because in your mind, you’ve indirectly told yourself that you don’t provide enough value.

Although there are circumstantial and situational reasons for this hesitation, Mike and Erica share inspirational words and real day to day actions that you can use to overcome and push through the barriers.

Tune in to Loan Officer Success and move forward in building relationships through calls to your database. Just watch those purchases and refinances come in!

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