Jumping from 4 to 26 Loans Per Month in Less Than 2 Years

Episode 37

Listen in to Loan Officer Success, with your hosts Mike Cardascia and Erica Homefield, as they’re joined by special guest, Kyla Whitmore. 

In this episode, you’ll be taken on the journey of how Kyla went from 4 loans per month to this January, closing an incredible 26 loans, yes, that is twenty-six. 

The humble way she shines light on her team and how they have been the forefront of making sure the processes are in place in a way that is solid and reliable, is purely inspiring. Kyla explains why she feels that in this market, especially, communication and truthfully updating all key players in the transaction is an important step in acquiring trust in the processes.

The three continue and chat about how she has overcome the hurdle of wanting to be out there on videos within social media, and how it has so greatly impacted her “celebrity status” as Carl White calls it and the way people relate to her through video marketing.   

Tune in to hear more of her story and be inspired by her dedication to her business and her team. 

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