How To Sort Out Tasks on Your Team For More Loan Production

How To Sort Out Tasks on Your Team For More Loan Production

Have you been juggling tasks and finding yourself cross-firing with your team? Basically, doing double the work because there isn’t a set list of responsibilities?

Well, then you are in luck. Mike Cardascia and Erica Homefield bring you this on point episode of Loan Officer Success, where they are joined by a newer member of the Mortgage Marketing Animals coaching program, Nick Clyburn. Nick is a Loan Originator out of South Carolina who has taken off running with what he has learned, and now he is sharing those steps with you.

Learn how Nick has put the strategy of what our program teaches in the “Axe of Freedom” to work for him and his team. Delegating and sorting responsibilities so that the goals remain consistent and on track for increased loan production.

Tune in to hear why Nick’s business has accelerated since becoming a truly inspirational member of our Mortgage Marketing Animals family.

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