“How Long Does It Take?” – 4 Action Items to Not Only Get More Loans, But To Build an Empire

Episode 27

On this episode of Loan Officer Success, hosted by Mortgage Marketing Animals top strategists, Mike Cardascia and Erica Homefield, you’ll get inside info by using these four building blocks that develop the empire you want in your mortgage business.

A great deal of newer loan officers always ask the question, “how long will it take for me to get <insert how many loans>?”

Mike and Erica answer this important question with four straightforward activities that they show are proven to get you on that road to success. 

  1. Learn to shift your mindset
  2. Firm foundational plans to build an empire
  3. Hold ourselves accountable for consistency 
  4. Creative avoidance and how to ignore the shiny objects 

We can help you determine where and when in your business you need to deploy these strategies. Connect with Mike or Erica today by scheduling a call here.