Follow These Scripts & Strategies On Your Road To Freedom

Episode 32

Ready to understand just what it takes to build your network? Well, then listen in to this episode of Loan Officer Success, as your hosts Mike Cardascia and Erica Homefield, take you alongside the journey of branch manager, Rob DiGiore, for a whole lot of golden nuggets.

Mike shares about the first time he met Rob a few years back at an event and watched him as he perfectly went around the room networking for success. He found out that day that Rob was a part of the Mortgage Marketing Animals and it all made sense to Mike from the actions that Rob was putting into motion. 

By following the scripts, strategies, and daily success plan that the coaching program has taught, Rob has been able to provide a great deal of value to his team by sharing with them the necessary tools and actions that they, too, continue to use. 

Listen in to learn how consistency, building relationships, and placing yourself in networking areas that will build your database can be the most valuable steppingstones for steady growth in your mortgage business. 

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