Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

Episode 7

Wow! Have you ever gone on vacation as a loan officer and come back to the office to find a clear to close? Kimberly Hughes, a loan originator based in West Texas, sits down with Mike Cardascia and Erica Homefield to chat about how the Mortgage Marketing Animals program has transformed the way she does business. 

This episode of Loan Officer Success will have you turning the volume up to be sure you don’t miss a beat. Kimberly Hughes gives you the inside scoop on how she has implemented the Daily Success Plan, which allowed her to build a strong team and delegate tasks for her Axe of Freedom. Mike Cardascia jumps in to engage about how she has made this into what he refers to as “a multiplier.” Tune in to hear how letting control go and building a team is an essential part of how you discover the road to freedom.

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